Escape from Marwin, starred by Christian Stamm (Movie ‘n Co.,UK)

They say that in life we ??all deserve a second chance, but what if you had to get it playing in an strange Escape Room? The biggest secrets of the southern United States are hidden in Marwin, a house that annually opens its doors for five lucky prisoners from different americans prisons who have been sentenced to death, play in this special Escape Room to get their greatest wish: freedom; although it will not be an easy task. This horror movie is directed by Jordi Castejón and stars Camilla Mathias, John De Luca, David Chevers, Christian Stamm, Stephanie Figueira, Jonas Linde, Wendy Lee Taylor, Aleida Torrent, Evan Scott Schweitzer, Jim Arnold and Itziar Castro, among others as main characters.

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