In May of this year, it was known that the third edition of the 'HORRORANT Film Festival of Athens', Greece, awarded "Vampyres" for 'Best Film', as well as 'Best Photography' (DoP Daniel Salas Alberta), competing with productions from the US, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Israel, Vietnam, India and Japan.

The cast of this feature movie by Victor Matellano is lead by Christian Stamm, who plays the priest...

Sonata for cello

Since beginning of the year, "Sonata para violonchelo" ('Sonata for cello') has premiered  internationally, including at the 'MALAGA Film Festival', as well as the Tarragona FIT-CAT Film Festival (Spain). It won 3 awards at the 'IDYLLWILD International Festival of Cinema' (California), and recently the Bronze Remi Award of the 'WORLDFEST Houston' (Texas), in the category Independent Theatrical Feature Awards.

This feature movie by Anna M. Bofarull tells...

Back to school..

Faithful to his convictions that, in order to grow as an actor, one has to keep evolving, Christian attended an intensive seminar in Paris in 2016 with prestigious New York actor coach CAROL FOX PRESCOTT, the workshop "Expressive Liberating Movement" with CRISTINA RODRÍGUEZ, as well as the complete course of the stunt academy at IN EXTREMIS FILMS SERVICES, winners...

The Case – news chronicle

“El Caso - crónica de sucesos” ('The Case - news chronicle') is a TV series produced by 'Plano a Plano' for National Spanish television. The first season was aired from March to May 2016, and tells some of the stories that appeared in the famous Spanish weekly newspaper 'El Caso'. The original idea is by Fernando Guillén...

Escape from Marwin

In March and April, Jordi Castejón shot his first feature movie "Escape from Marwin", a horror movie around five prisoners on death row, who compete against each other in a 'room escape' game with only two possible outcomes: liberty or death.
The cast of this independent film, entirely composed of English native actors, is lead by Christian in the role of the mysterious and evil 'Commander'. Casting: Direct. more


In February, Christian Stamm starred in the short film “Cruasán”("Croissant"), a family dispute caused by infidelity, which by the hands of author and director Miquel Jové turns into a 15 minute 'sequence shot' and almost-monologue by Christian, who plays 'Cesar'. Casting: Direct.  ...

In search of north

In February, Christian participated in the shooting of private Spanish Antena3 TV series “Buscando el Norte” ('In search of north'), a spin-off of feature movie box-office hit “Perdiendo el Norte” ('Losing north'), by Nacho G. Melilla, in which Christian also participated.
Both stories are based on today's Spanish economic crisis phenomena, the so-called 'brain drain', or migration of unemployed academics and scientists, to northern and employment richer countries,...

What her eyes were hiding

In January this year, Christian shot “Lo que escondían sus ojos” ('What her eyes were hiding') for Spanish National television. This film for Spanish National television was directed by Salva Calva, and is based on the homonymous novel by Nieves Herrero, a love story which turned into a scandal in the 'high society' of the time, but which remained unknown to the general public. 

In the film,...