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From the feature film EL HOMBRE DE LAS MIL CARAS ('Smoke & mirrors', 2016), by 10 times Goya award winning Alberto Rodríguez, with Eduardo Fernández, Carlos Santos, José Coronado, Christian Stamm. Dir. Alberto Rodríguez    ...

CACCIA AL TESORO (Treasure hunt, 2017)

From feature movie CACCIA AL TESORO ('Treasure hunt', 2017), by the great Carlo Vanzina, produced by Medusa, and starring Vincenzo Salemme, Carlo Buccirosso, Christiane Filangieri, and with Serena Rossi, Max Tortora, and Christian Stamm  ...

IMPAR (Uneven, 2015)

Synopsis: The day before an important event, everything is more excitable, more intense, life seduces, everything seems to make sense, we are capable of everything. But... what if on that big day, that eternal waiting and insatisfaction continues to drift towards perversion, and barbarism appears? Impar invites you to think about whether looking is intervening,...


"Cerca de tu casa" ('At your doorstep'), by Eduard Cortés, is a politically controversial feature movie, around what happens when the crises is affecting even you, and you're unable to pay the morgage anymore.. The cast is lead by singer Silvia Pérez Cruz, also starring Adriana Ozores, Lluís Homar, and Christian Stamm.