El Barco (in English: The Ship) is a Spanish mystery TV series produced by Globomedia for Antena 3, featuring Juanjo Artero, Mario Casas, Irene MontalĂ  and Blanca Suarez, along with the rest of the cast.

A global cataclysm, caused by a fatal accident in Geneva, Switzerland, during the implementation of a particle accelerator, leaves the crew and students of the barque school-ship Estrella Polar (Polar Star) isolated in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the world’s land mass is now under water. The ship becomes their home in this isolated world. However, apart from the isolation, they also discover they are not alone, and must face “the others”. In the first season’s finale, the crew of the North Star receive a message but find that it is originating from outer space, where astronauts, led by COMMANDER HOPKINS (Christian Stamm) aboard a space station ask for help because they will die in four hours. Season 2 continues with the Captain Montero deciding to help the astronauts who are about to land, while an approaching hurricane of unprecedented strength endangers the ship and all aboard..