El hombre de las mil caras (Smoke & Mirrors) in ‘Cine Europa’

Filmed in France, Singapore, Switzerland and Spain, Smoke and Mirrors [+], which is being shown in competition at the 64th San Sebastián Film Festival, is without a doubt one of the leading Spanish productions of the season just starting. Made on a budget of €5 million, the film could repeat the formidable national and international success of Alberto Rodriguez’s film Marshland [+]. Moreover, the team that worked on the latter was reunited in its entirety to work on this film, with the exception of the actors. But like Javier Gutiérrez, who bagged several awards for his performance (alongside Raul Arevalo) in the thriller filmed on the swampy riverbanks of the Guadalquivir and set just after the end of the Franco regime, his successor, Eduard Fernandez, is going to be under close scrutiny for his interpretation of Paesa in this new thriller, which is more urban but also set in a troubled period in 20th-century-Spain, shaken by deception and controversy.

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