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Special thanks for the creation of this web site goes out, without order of importance, to: Donna Kent, who helped me set the sails with my prior site, which was foundation for the present one; Paul Villegas and Kristal Rodríguez, for their amazing work getting the new web in gear, and for doing the SEO thing with it (and I always thought that was an abbreviation for a Navy Seals special op, or something..); thank you to all the amazing ‘photographers’, who contributed with a still or more… gracias a todas y todos los fantásticos fotografos que me han obsequiado con su arte… Julie Reggiani, Huw Jenkins, Raúl Barrero, and many others; gracias a Marian Degás, Didac Meya, Natascha Durán, por ayudarme a editar mis videos; Thank you, gracias, gracies, eskerrik asko… to all the amazing filmmakers I had the chance to work with and from whom I could learn.. Alberto Rodriguez, Juanma Bajo Ulloa, Luís Oliveros, Santiago Zannou, Bernard Rose, Eduard Cortés, Felip Solé, Mireia Ros, Victor Matellano, Felipe Espinosa, Emilio Alonso, Xavi Cortés, Nacho Velilla… just to mention a few; merci, todah, gracias.. Laure Soussana, my friend and agent Núria Cano, my mother and my sister, for their ‘artistic advice’; Javier Galitó-Cava, for priceless acting coaching; thank you, merci, vielen lieben Dank an meine Mutti, meinen Vater, mein Schwesterherz Daniela, meinen Alexandre,.. actually, to all my moms, my dads (no, no grammar mistake here), my sisters Teri, Jamie, Mandi, und vielen Dank an Ömchen und den Rest der Familie, weil ihr immer, aber auch wirklich immer da seid, bedingungslos… per essere li, quando più ne ho ‘di bisogno’; to all the actors and actresses that have ever inspired me; to all the people who have crossed my life path at some point, and who have helped me, consciously or not, to become who I am.

A sincere thank you to all of you!

Dedico la mia web al mio caro Popi (Giannantonio Maggi, 1921-2014). Amava le cose belle, e fatte bene.