Christian is one of those Actors I would call ‘animals’, with an instinct and a sensibility out of the ordinary. His rigorousness and discipline as a professional makes him worthy of great projects. He is active, perfectionist, elegant, and an exceptional companion. (Anna Sabaté, actress, theatre director, acting coach)

Anna Sabaté

javier-galito-cavaChristian is a generous actor who is not afraid to learn and work in a committed way. Compromising and listening to those with whom he’s working make him a strong addition to  any cast. I would certainly consider working with him again in the future and it is my pleasure
to recommend him to anyone who is in need of a good, serious actor. (Javier Galitó-Cava,Meisner Technique, actor, theatre director, acting coach)

Javier Galitó-Cava

juanma-ulloa“There are actors with ‘method’ and actors without. I know an actor who has a very particular and effective one: Give everything. ChristianStamm has this rare passion, enthusiasm and generosity that transmits you the certainty that life is a great movie, a great theatre. And that he is there to savor it. Working.” (Juanma Bajo Ulloa, highly awarded director and script writer, of Airbag, Alas de mariposa / Butterfly wings, La madre muerta  / The dead mother.. and now Rey gitano / Gipsy King, premiere 10 July 2015)

Juanma Bajo Ulloa

felipe-espinoza“Christian is one of those few privileged actors who fill the scene already with their presence or with a mere look, before even pronouncing a word. The ability to transmit emotions just by simply being inz front of the camera is a quality only few possess, and Christian knows how to potentiate this to perfection. Also, his fierce character and perfectionism are synonymous for his commitment and work in every production.” (Felipe Espinosa, filmmaker, director and author of Carne de gaviota / Seagull Meat”, 2015)

Felipe Espinosa

victor-matellano“Every vampyre horror movie needs its Van Helsing. We found in Christian Stamm the perfect actor to fight our blood thirsty, suspiciously human monsters. Working with Christian is a pleasure, it is always a gift to find people who meet their commitment with such professionalism like he does.” (Victor Matellano, filmmaker, director ofWAX, 2014, and Vampyres, 2015)

Victor Matellano