"I Don't Act".

christian stamm

Don't sidle in as if you were doubtful
Whether you're welcome--the feast is yours!
Nor take but a little, refusing more
With a bashful "Thank you", when you're hungry.
Is your soul alive? Then let it feed!
Leave no balconies where you can climb;
Nor milk-white bosoms where you can rest;
Nor golden heads with pillows to share;
Nor wine cups while the wine is sweet;
Nor ecstasies of body or soul,
You will die, no doubt, but die while living
In depths of azure, rapt and mated,
Kissing the queen-bee, Life!

Spoon river anthology~Edgar Lee Masters


Christian Stamm, an actor, producer, director, and humanist, is the main character of the feature films Vampyres (2015) and Impar (2014), and participated in box-office films such as Rey Gitano (2015), Perdiendo el Norte (2015), Cerca de tu Casa (2015), Sonata per a Violoncel (2015), Mr. Nice (2010) and Escalofrío (Shiver; 2008). He also played the main character in over 50 short films, such as the L.A. Web Fest awarded Desenterrados (2012), La Rosa del Desierto (2014) and Carne de Gaviota (2015), and participated in Spanish popular TV series such as Cuentame como pasó (2014), Gran Hotel (2013), El Barco (2012), and Sin Identidad (2015).

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"There are actors with 'method' and actors without. I know an actor who has a very particular and effective one: Give everything. Christian Stamm has this rare passion, enthusiasm and generosity that transmits you the certainty that life is a great movie, a great theatre. And that he is there to savor it. Working." 

Juanma Bajo Ulloa

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SINOPSIS: Two vampires, who live in a dark mansion, attract men with sex orgies, which end up turning into blood baths. A group of young excursionists ends up in this place, as well as a young man with an obscure past.

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